Employment Opportunities

Anacostia & Pacific and its affiliates are equal opportunity employers.

All Anacostia affiliate companies enjoy an excellent health plan and a 401(k) plan.

All job applicants may be subject to pre-employment drug screening, background checks, aptitude and other testing.

Employer: Anacostia Rail Holdings
Location: Chicago, IL
Position: Corporate Communications Associate

Summary of Position: Provides support for the senior management team, oversees all commercial communications, provides analytical support and performs duties for the CCO and Executive team. The primary functions include preparation and updating of all communications medium, preparation of presentations, reports, and proposals, oversight of corporate website, and responsibility for supporting the management of the office reception.   A modest percentage of field work is anticipated.


  • Maintain and update all content on corporate website
  • Maintain all contacts, write and insert news stories, process service alerts, update industrial site database, and monitor usage.
  • Provide strategic plan for possible additions and develop a plan for Company to utilize social media to support relationships and transactions. 
  • Prepare and maintain corporate communications, including content for newsletters, press releases, and media outreach, with a primary focus on customers, projects, partners, and industry initiatives.
  • Maintain corporate databases for photos, newsletters, mailing lists, and industry contacts.
  • Plan events for Marketing, and manage invites, budget, and messaging.
  • Develop a corporate brochure, focusing on corporate capabilities, success, and partners. 
  • Conduct market research and reporting for CCO; be prepared to assist in budget preparation, pipeline activity, rate database management, and monitoring of trends.
  • Prepare professional corporate presentations: PowerPoint, video, and print.
  • Support proposal preparation for RFP bidding.
  • Handle information requests.  Relay directives, instructions and assignment to executives.  Receive and relay telephone messages.
  • Greet and receive visitors.  Direct the general public to the appropriate staff member.


Education / Certification:

  • College degree, preferably in Communications, Business or Advertising

Experience Required:

  • One to three years in communications, or marketing, with a track record of written material


  • Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access
  • Desktop Publishing (MS Publisher, Adobe)
  • Social Media: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter
  • Understanding of financial spreadsheets
  • Solid writtern and oral communications.

Work Environment:

  • Most work is in an office environment; however, occasional travel may be required.

Salary: Commensurate with experience and education.

Contact: hr@anacostia.com

Employer: Louisville & Indiana Railroad Company
Location: Jeffersonville, IN
Position: Locomotive Engineer / Non-Certified Engineer

Summary of Position: The Locomotive Engineer / Non-Certified Engineer (“Engineer”) operates locomotives, locomotive remote control devices (RCL) and train consists safely, effectively and efficiently and in compliance with all applicable government regulations, company rules and policies, and safe work procedures. The Engineer also trains and evaluates qualified student Non-Certified Engineers. The Locomotive Engineer may also perform Non-Certified Engineer duties and other duties as assigned.


  • The Engineer operates locomotives, locomotive remote control devices (RCL) and train consists safely, effectively and efficiently, and in compliance with all applicable government regulations, company rules and policies, and safe job procedures.
  • Inspects, monitors conditions of, and performs minor repairs on, assigned locomotive(s) before, during, and after operation.
  • Reports defects, unsafe conditions, damage to cars and lading, defective equipment, and incidents involving railroad property, employees or third parties to designated managers.
  • Communicates with Non-Certified Engineer(s), Dispatchers, other employees, railroad officials, and customers in accordance with applicable government and Company rules and regulations.
  • Complies with instructions of Non-Certified Engineer(s) concerning general management of the train.
  • Supports and assists Non-Certified Engineer(s) in completion of duties.
  • Trains, coaches, and evaluates student Non-Certified Engineers on locomotive and RCL operations and on safe and efficient work practices and rules compliance.
  • Takes charge of the train’s management in the absence of the Non-Certified Engineer.
  • Requires crew members in the locomotive cab to keep a constant and vigilant lookout and to confirm accuracy of all signals and warning devices, switch position, track condition. Must comply and adhere to company rules and policies, applicable FRA, TSA and other agency regulations, and safe job procedures.
  • Determines that subordinate/peers are familiar with their duties and ascertains extent of experience and knowledge of the rules. Job briefs and instructs on proper, safe, and efficient performance of work including identification of risks.
  • Performs duties listed in the GMSI Job Tasks Analysis.
  • Any of the functions/duties of the Engineer may be performed by other qualified persons when necessary or appropriate to the safe, efficient performance of service to the railroad's customers.
  • The Locomotive Engineer may also perform Non-Certified Engineer duties described herein and other duties as assigned.


  • Any employment offer for Engineer or Non-Certified Engineer position is contingent on results of pre-employment interview, reading/aptitude tests, background check, physical capabilities test, pre-employment drug and alcohol screening, and a pre-employment medical exam.
  • Engineers and Non-Certified Engineers are subject to both Company and Federal drug and alcohol programs, which include periodic random and incident-related drug and/or alcohol testing in accordance with applicable regulations (note that use of some controlled substances that are legal under certain state laws are prohibited under Company procedures and Federal law).
  • Knowledge and understanding of and compliance with all operating rules, safety rules and safe work procedures, applicable FRA, TSA and other government regulations, and all company rules, policies and procedures.
  • Required to pass company and regulatory certification requirements and periodic examinations and performance metrics.
  • Ability to give and interpret hand signals, track flags, and signals.
  • Excellent communication and decision-making skills.
  • Vision, color, and hearing acuity as specified in 49 CFR Part 240 and/or other applicable regulations.
  • Ability to read and speak English clearly. Ability to read and transmit via multiple media including written, radio and computer equipment.
  • Required to have phone access to receive calls and work notification from Railroad.
  • Requires regular and timely attendance; work may be on 24 hour on call basis 7 days a week consistent and in accordance with FRA regulatory requirements.
  • Ability to react/adapt to changing environment, and respond effectively and safely in emergency situations.

Work Environment:

  • Works both inside and outside.
  • May be subject to various temperatures and conditions which may include extreme heat, extreme cold, rain, and snow.
  • Exposure to high noise level, moving mechanical parts, and moving equipment.
  • Exposure to dust, fumes, gases, oil, and grease.
  • May be exposed to toxic or caustic chemicals.
  • May require wearing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) including, but not limited to, steel-toed boots, ear and eye protection, high visibility wear, etc.
  • Elevated surfaces, slopes, and uneven surfaces including ballast.

Salary: In accordance with existing collective bargaining agreement.

Contact: lirchr@anacostia.com

Employer: Pacific Harbor Line
Location: Wilmington, CA
Position: Assistant Engineer

Summary of Position: assists in safe movement of freight trains and switching of railroad cars.


  • Switching, classification, placement and pickup of rail cars.
  • Riding sides of moving rail cars, climbing ladders, operating track switches.
  • Handling hazardous materials paperwork.
  • Keeping accurate records of time and work performed.
  • Using two-way radios and cell phone and driving company vehicles.
  • Various other tasks as assigned.


  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must have a valid drivers license.
  • Must apply for a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) during pre-employment processing at own expense ($132.50). Cost is reimbursable upon completion of probationary period.
  • Must qualify for and receive a TWIC during new employee training.
  • Must not have any alcohol or drug related convictions or suspensions.
  • Must pass a physical exam, physical capacity assessment and pre-employment drug/alcohol screen.
  • Must be able to distinguish color signals.
  • Must have the ability to comprehend written and oral instructions.
  • Have good communication skills and pass all required written exams.
  • Three week classroom training precedes 180 day probationary period.
  • Field training will last three to six weeks.

Work Environment: After completion of probationary period, employees must join the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen. The work is performed out of doors in all types of weather. Work assignments may be at any time, day or night, including weekends. Environment may include fumes, dust, pollen, vibration, noise and engine exhaust.

Salary: $195/day, $220/day after granted locomotive certified engineer.

Contact Information: Marlon Taylor
Mail to:
Marlon Taylor
Director of Operations
Pacific Harbor Line
705 North Henry Ford Avenue
Wilmington, CA 90744
Fax to: 310-513-6789
For more information on employment opportunities at the Pacific Harbor Line, click here.


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