APCI Company Profile

nacostia & Pacific is a transportation development and consulting firm. It has developed eight new U. S. railroads since it was founded in 1985. In each case, Anacostia & Pacific negotiated the terms of acquisition, developed the business plan and recruited senior management. These companies have provided excellent financial returns to their investors and have established strong business relationships with their customers, employees, and communities.

All the railroads which Anacostia & Pacific has developed pursue the following objectives:

top quality customer service and marketing;
close commercial and operating relationships with connecting railroads;
professional and accessible railroad senior management located on the property;
a work force that operates as a safe, motivated, and competent team;
investment in and maintenance of assets over the long term; and
a prudent financial structure; and
environmental and community stewardship.

Anacostia & Pacific believes each of these objectives is essential to long-term success. Anacostia & Pacific is not a railroad and does not own railroad firms.


This page last updated on November 28, 2005