About Transloading
  "What is transloading?"

Transloading combines the best of the truck and rail modes. In it's simplest form, transloading is the transfer of a shipper's commodity from one mode of transportation to another. This includes the transfer of cargo from railcars to trucks, or from trucks to railcars.

But railroads and transload specialists have broadened the scope of their services to meet customer needs. Many transload operations include storage, trucking services, inventory control, packaging and door-to-door service quotes with a single invoice.

"What if my company does not have rail service? "

Your company should explore what a transloader can do for you. By shipping your product via a transloader, you can have your product trucked out of your facility, stored in a warehouse until you have sufficient product to fill a railcar, and get a generally lower transportation cost via rail. And inbound materials can operate in the same way, moving in bulk via rail, stored at the transload operator's facility, and delivered to you by truck just in time.

"How can I manage my inventory?"

Some transloaders now have web-based inventory control, so that you can manage your warehoused goods from your office.

"I already have rail service. Why would I be interested in a transloader?"

Even if you have rail service, a transloader may be able to help. A transloader can supplement your current railroad service to, perhaps, lower your transportation cost, by providing service via another railroad carrier. A transloader can also save you storage space. And if you have high demurrage costs because you cannot unload railcars quickly enough, a transloader may be just the solution you have been looking for.

"How can I find a transloader near me?"

Talk to your Anacostia marketing representative:

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Los Angeles – (310) 984-5773

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This page last updated on October 27, 2005