Experienced Rail Car Mechanic [Carman]

Employer:  Chicago, South Shore & South Bend
Location:  Michigan City, IN

Position Summary 

U.S. Military veterans are strongly encouraged to apply.
Pay: Pay rate is based on prior experience as a railcar carman and wage schedule in the union contract, starting at $25.10; maximum is $33.47 for journeymen.
Position Summary:  The Mechanical Carman inspects, repairs and provides preventative maintenance on rail cars in accordance with Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and Association of American Railroads (AAR) regulations/standards. A carman utilizes hand tools, power tools and electrical test equipment when performing these duties. Must be able to read and understand blueprints and written instructions and make repairs in compliance with FRA & AAR rules. Works inside shop, in rail yards, on sidings/track, and also drives vehicles and equipment along the track. Performs routine building maintenance and repairs. Also performs maintenance on locomotives, select company vehicles and equipment. Works in extreme heat and cold. Complies with all company safety rules and safe job procedures. May be asked to perform other duties as requested or required.


  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Technical and/or specialized training preferred.
  • Required to have and maintain a valid driver’s license; may be required to get a CDL.
  • Employment is contingent on results of a pre-employment background check, physical capability test, pre-employment drug and alcohol screening, and a pre-employment medical exam. Continued employment is subject to passing random drug tests.
  • Knowledge and understanding of applicable operating rules, safety rules and safe job procedures, including passing of applicable exams.
  • Understands and is able to comply with FRA and AAR inspection, repair and documentation regulations and standards.
  • Applicant should possess a strong mechanical aptitude.
  • Ability to give and interpret hand signals, and interpret track flags and signals.
  • Ability to distinguish color.
  • Ability to read and speak English clearly.
  • Ability to read and transit information via multiple media including written, radio and computer equipment.
Experience Required:  2-5 years of previous railroad carman experience is preferred. At least two years of previous heavy equipment maintenance experience is required. Welding certifications and experience is preferred.


  • Inspects, repairs and provides preventative maintenance to rail cars in accordance with the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and Association of American Railroads (AAR) requirements and completes required recordkeeping.
  • Utilizes hand and power tools including, but not limited to: pry bar, pipe wrench, shovel, claw bar, jack, impact wrenches, and sledgehammer.
  • Performs repairs and modifications to equipment by cutting, welding, and use of other metal work operations.
  • Drives company vehicles and equipment such as cars, trucks, fork lift and scissors lift.
  • Changes out wheels; gears, brake beams, couplers, brake shoes, angle cocks and other parts of a rail car.
  • Re-rails cars and equipment using appropriate material handling equipment, blocking and rerailing equipment.
  • Adjusts shifted loads to safe position on cars.
  • Lifts/lowers/carries springs, knuckles, pins and other rail car parts.
  • Lifts/lowers/carries and installs/removes end-of-train (telemetry) devices.
  • Applies/releases handbrakes (vertical and horizontal wheel type brakes).
  • Reconnects air hoses between cars and performs air tests on cars for movement.
  • Measures and records dimensional loads.
  • Performs inspection of rail cars while walking or driving vehicle.
  • Ascends/descends portable and fixed ladders including those affixed on rail cars.
  • Replaces wood/metal surfaces on rail car.
  • Operates scissors lift or similar mobile lift equipment.
  • Uses fall protection when inspecting and servicing rail cars.
  • Uses various greases, oils and cleaners to service rail cars, maintain equipment, and clean equipment.
  • Lifts/lowers/carries/handles oxygen, acetylene and similar compressed gas tanks.
  • Performs routine maintenance and repairs to selected company vehicles
  • Performs routine building maintenance and repairs
  • Wears Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) including but not limited to steel toe boots; ear and eye/face protection, high visibility wear and hard hat.
  • Requires regular and timely attendance.
  • Maintains a safe course of action in performance of duties.
  • Promptly reports and safeguards unsafe conditions.
  • Reports injuries to company.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Work Environment 

  • Will work on railcars and locomotives as required.
  • Will work both inside and outside.
  • May be subject to various temperatures and conditions which may include extreme heat, extreme cold, rain, and snow.
  • May need to work on elevated surfaces and uneven surfaces, including ballast.
  • Exposure to high noise level, moving mechanical parts, and moving heavy equipment.
  • Exposure to gasoline/diesel exhaust oil and grease.
  • Work hours are based on 40 hour work weeks; some overtime will be required.


Pay rate is based on prior experience as a railcar carman and wage schedule in the union contract, starting at $30.16; maximum is $35.48 for journeymen.


The Company provides excellent benefits including paid vacation, personal days, 401k retirement plan, group term life insurance, and medical/dental care insurance. Railroad workers are covered by a federal railroad retirement program (railroad employee’s compensation is subject to a railroad retirement tax deduction in lieu of a social security deduction). This additional employee deduction and increased employer contribution entitles railroad employees to larger retirement benefits and earlier retirement with full benefits than retirement benefits provided by social security. Railroad retirement benefits are determined by years of service in the railroad industry and the age of the employee when he retires. For more information about railroad retirement please see rrb.gov website.
How to Apply

Please send your resume to CSS-hr@anacostia.com.