For Existing Customers


Once a customer has unloaded a railcar, they can release the car back to the railroad either by fax machine or electronically. Anacostia railroads are rapidly moving customers to the latter, which gives the customer greater control and practically eliminates disputes over release time.

Once an inbound railcar is received in interchange or arrives at the main classification yard, each customer will receive a notice of arrival. Depending on the service arrangements with each customer, the car will either be spotted at railroad convenience or the customer will be responsible to order the car in directly.

If cars are made available to a customer and customer track capacity prevents the railroad from delivering shipments to a customer, then each carload will be constructively placed into the customer’s account and accessorial charges such as demurrage or storage may be applicable. If this is a recurring problem, contact your local Anacostia Rail Holdings Company railroad’s Marketing & Sales representative to discuss car supply and ordering procedures.

“Constructive placement” is a process that occurs internally within the railroad transportation system. When a railcar, whether loaded or empty, is offered to a customer and the customer cannot or declines to have the railroad spot the car, the railroad will manually code this car as if the railcar has been spotted on the customer’s track. This procedure enables the transportation system to begin the process of applying assessorial charges such as demurrage or storage, if applicable. In the event a railcar is not placed due to railroad convenience or error, railcars will not be constructively placed into customers account.

All Anacostia railroads have transload locations, along with team tracks for general merchandise loading or unloading. For the best option available for your needs, contact the Marketing and Sales staff at the Anacostia Rail Holdings Company railroad nearest you. For more information about our transload facilities, view the transload sites tab at for each of our railroads.

For rates and routing, please contact our Marketing and Sales staff at the Anacostia Rail Holdings Company railroad nearest you. With regard to information required, our sales staff will ask all the pertinent questions related to your movement. Should you not have all the information available and you require assistance in gathering such information, our sales team will be happy to make the proper contacts on your behalf in order to expedite your request.

You may call or email the Sales and Marketing department of any of the Anacostia Rail Holdings Company railroads to get more information: