A man holding a film slate

Film Locations

The New York & Atlantic Railway is located in Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island, NY. NYA has provided locations for a number of feature films, TV shows and advertising shoots. Memorable films and TV shows include Law & Order, The Good Wife, Man on a Ledge, Boardwalk Empire and the Amazing Spiderman-2. NYA is within the 25 mile New York studio zone. The center of the New York studio zone is Columbus Circle in Manhattan. For further information contact Jim Nunes, Manager – Operations and Support, at (718) 928-2304; jnunes@anacostia.com.

Pacific Harbor Line, Inc. is located at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, CA. PHL has hosted in excess of 50 location shoots since it first opened in 1998, including everything from feature films to local documentaries and still photography advertising shoots. Well-known movies and TV shows filmed at PHL include Horrible Bosses 2, Flags of Our Fathers, Hancock, Get Smart, Scorpion, NCIS Los Angeles (2 episodes), CSI Miami (2 episodes), Unstoppable and TV commercials for Dodge and Nissan. PHL locations are within the 30-mile studio zone. The center of the studio zone is located at the southeast corner of Beverly and La Cienega in Los Angeles California. For further information contact Greg Peters at (310) 984-5775; gpeters@anacostia.com.

Anacostia Rail Holdings Company can also provide film locations in Chicago and Louisville, KY as well as a number of rural locations.