NLR Renewed Power Delivers Reliability and Efficiency

Two upgraded GP15 locomotives that were put into service this year will provide NLR customers with reliable service for years to come.

“The units look great,” says NLR president Justin Chalich,“ and we’ve already experienced significant fuel savings compared to the power they replaced.”

The locomotives, which were completely renovated, incorporate 12-cylinder engines that consume less fuel than the 16-cylinder engines in the GP9 units they replaced. The locomotives provide higher reliability, greater crew comfort, and better service for NLR customers. To increase efficiency in our famous northern winters, a hot-start feature was added to the units. It minimizes engine idling in frigid temperatures.

In addition to significant mechanical upgrades, the newly leased units (numbers 421 and 422) received a sharp new paint scheme, featuring “BN-Tribute” green in a nod to NRL’s heritage as a former Burlington Northern line.

These locomotives, leased from GATX, are now our mainstay power, although NLR #1610 GP16 remains available for stand-by service as needed.

NLR #421 crosses the Sauk River in Waite Park, MN
NLR #421 crosses the Sauk River in Waite Park, MN. Photo by Mark Muraski