2020 Veteran’s Day Message

It is appropriate that the entire nation celebrates Veteran’s Day. Today is not just for America’s warriors to look back at their experiences, the camaraderie, and how their service changed them and their lives. It is also for all citizens to recognize, appreciate and give thanks to those who stood on the wall to defend our country in times of war and peace.

So, you are encouraged to thank a vet today. You may get a shy, unassuming “you’re welcome” as a response, but by doing so, all Americans can get a taste of the sacrifice it continuously takes our Airmen, Sailors, Coast Guards, Soldiers, and Marines to defend our country and its freedoms that we all enjoy.

And to the veterans in the Anacostia family…..Go Army! Fly Fight Win! Semper Par! Anchors Aweigh! and Semper FI!

David Hankins
Human Resources Director
USMC Veteran