Quentin Schulte Named President of Northern Lines Railway

CHICAGO, IL (James Street Media Services)—Anacostia Rail Holdings (ARH) is pleased to announce the appointment of Quentin Schulte as President, Northern Lines Railway (NLR). Most recently Schulte served as NLR General Manager.

NLR is wholly owned by ARH and is headquartered in St. Cloud, Minnesota. It operates 25 miles of BNSF trackage. Serving a variety of area industries, NLR handles over 10,000 carloads annually.

“Quentin brings a wealth of railroad operating experience to NLR, as well as a strong drive to improve safety, reliability, and customer service,” says ARH President and CEO Peter Gilbertson.

Schulte joined NLR in January 2023, following 15 years with BNSF as conductor, engineer, yardmaster, and trainmaster. 

“My focus is on providing positive inspiration for safe, risk-mitigating, and efficient operations,” Schulte says. 

A native of St. Cloud, Minnesota, he is familiar with the NLR service area and has deep experience in regional rail services, gained during his career with BNSF. 

Gilbertson credits Schulte with improvements at NLR during his relatively short time with the railroad. “He has improved the reliability of our interchange service and on-time customer service,” Gilbertson says. “Additionally, Quentin has addressed back-office, sales, and marketing needs, and he oversaw the successful application for a grant from Minnesota Rail Service Improvement Program to support track upgrades.”

Schulte coaches boy’s youth basketball, participates in an adult Bible study group, and enjoys spending time with his wife and two young sons.

About Anacostia Rail Holdings

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